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⚽Football NewsApr 16☀

 : Gunners Down Watford for First Away Win 

 : Real Madrid Stumble to Leganes Draw 

 * Alexis⚡ Wants to Prove a Point at Barca : Solskjaer –

 : Valverde: Messi in Perfect Shape for Man Utd Game –

  Dembele Better Than Neymar, Claims Barca President –

 : Atalanta Fail to Score With 47 Shots

  De Jong a Doubt for Juventus Match –

Nigeria news

Nigeria News April 16

 : ‘Those Making Clean Money Are Not Complaining’ – Presidency Replies Actress Omotola –

 FG Moves to Have⛓ Innoson Boss Arrested –

  Kajuru Killings: High Court⚖ Judge Heads Commission of Inquiry –

  US Embassy in Nigeria Under Fire over Increasing Visa Denial

 : Justice Onnoghen Speaks on Hiding Bank Accounts –

World News

*🌍World News📰 🗓 February 14*

📰 Judge Rules ⚖ Manafort Lied 😱 Multiple Times to FBI, Mueller

📰 House Votes 🗳 to Halt Aid ✋ for Saudi Arabia’s War in Yemen 😱

📰 Trump Installs 👀 State-Of-The-Art Golf 🏌‍♂ Simulator in The White House❗ –

📰 Nigeria 🇳🇬 Elections: Presidential Candidates Sign ‘Peace Deal’ 🤝

📰 Taliban Announce 🔉 Surprise Talks with US 🇺🇸 in Pakistan 🇵🇰Capital

📰 Rare African Black Leopard Captured 📷 by Camera Trap’s Extraordinary Photos❗

📰 NASA’s Mars Rover 🛰 Opportunity Concludes a 15-Year Mission 👍

Nigeria news Feb 14

🇳🇬Nigeria 🌄AM 📰News* 🗓 “`February 14“`

📰 Buhari 🆚 Atiku: Why INEC Is Relocating🔄 Polling Units

📰 Boko 💥Haram: Again, Insurgents Invade Madagali Communities, ⚰Kill Scores –

📰 Boko 💥Haram: Again, Insurgents Invade Madagali Communities, ⚰Kill Scores

📰 Again, Buhari Vows🙏 to Probe PDP Govt 🔎Under Obasanjo, Atiku

📰 2019 🗳Election: Police Uncover Alleged🤐 Plans to Disrupt Election in Jigawa

📰 Nigeria 🗳Elections: Observe, 👀Don’t Monitor – INEC Warns👊 Local, Foreign Observers

Happy Valentine’s Day

Love Quote Of The Day ❤*

“She is a mortal danger to all men. She is beautiful without knowing it, and possesses charms that she’s not even aware of. She is like a trap set by nature – a sweet perfumed rose in whose petals Cupid lurks in ambush! Anyone who has seen her smile has known perfection. She instills grace in every common thing and divinity in every careless gesture. Venus in her shell was never so lovely, and Diana in the forest never so graceful as my Lady when she strides through Paris!”

Rich dad poor dad by Robert kiyosaki

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

As narrated by Robert Kiyosaki
I had two fathers, a rich one
and a poor one.One was
highly educated and intelligent;
he had aPh.D.andcompleted
four years of under graduate
work in less than two years.He
then went onto Stanford
University,the University of
Chicago,and Northwestern
University to do his advanced
studies,all on full financial
scholarships.The other father
never finished the eighth
Both men were successful in

their careers, working hard all
their lives.Both earned
substantial incomes.Yetone
struggled financially all his life.
The otherwouldbecomeone
of the richest men in Hawaii.
One died leaving tens of
millions of dollars to his family,
charities andbhis church.The
other left bills to be paid.
Both men were strong,
charismatic and influential.
Both men offered me advice,
but they did not advise the
same things.Both men believed
strongly in education but didn’t

recommend the same course
of study.
If I had had only one dad,I
would have had to accept or
reject his advice.Having two
dads advising me offered me
the choice of contrasting points
ofview;one of a rich man and
one of a poor man.
Instead of simply accepting
or rejecting one or the
other,I found myself thinking
more,comparing and then
choosing for myself.
The problem was,the rich
man was not rich yet and the.

Next one tomorrow .

World news

🌍World News📰 🗓 February 13*

📰 *ZN63*: Indonesia Artists Slam Bill 😡 Banning ‘Negative’ Foreign Influences 👀 –

📰 *ZN48*: Trump Supporter Violently 😱 Shoves BBC Cameraman 📷 at El Paso Rally –

📰 *ZM41*: Trump: ‘I’m Not Happy’ with Border Security Deal 🤝, but Another Shutdown Looks Unlikely❗ –

📰 *ZN47*: Senate Has Uncovered 🔍 No Direct Evidence of Conspiracy Between Trump Campaign and Russia

📰 *ZN64*: India’s 🇮🇳 Railway Minister 🚋 Mocked for Sped-Up Train Video –

📰 *ZN65*: Belgium Flights ✈ Cancelled ❌ for A Day Amid Strike –

📰 *ZN66*: French Mayor Issues Ban ✋ on ‘Excessive Dog Barking’ 🐶 –

📰 *ZN67*: Russia 🇷🇺 Islands Emergency Over Polar Bear 🐻 ‘Invasion’ –
Missing Kenyan 💪 Activist Caroline Mwatha Found Dead 😢 –

Ode to a mermaid chapter 1

My life start in the middle of the ocean,looking for where to go, no ship, no port, no captain to meddle with. After being in the middle of the ocean where they were only few sand and with a foot print of mine talking to me of how my life would be, I rather think of swimming deep the ocean and run away but I could never return,or I rather stay for thousands years looking for ship and captain who could here my voice as a person in their mind. I looking forward in changing my mind in waiting than to swim deep in the ocean. After some days I slept under my bear footed print. What do I gain in return of six feet in the water than to get save by beautiful mer maid who give me a hope and my guardian even at night and day

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